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506 January 2022
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Bazi Analysis

Understanding the “Four Pillars”  Can help in maximizing opportunities, minimizing risks
Every one of us is naturally absorbing energy from the earth and it surroundings. Just as the absorbency of one sponge is different from another, the way we absorb these energies differ according to the year, month, day and particular time when we are born. Therefore with different birth time, everyone of us carries our own unique combination of five elements of magnetic field. This combination is called our Ba Zi.

Ba Zi also known as Four Pillars, a combination of: Year, Month, Date and Time that determine our destiny. Based on these statistics, every one in 518,400 shares a similar destiny as you. Exposure to different magnetic fields, environment, surrounding object and timing are the main factors of forming the uniqueness of our destiny.
Ba Zi analysis gives us a better understanding of our lives, our destiny. It helps us distinct favourable and unfavourable elements, good and bad timing. Armed with this knowledge, we know when to seize opportunities to maximize our fortunes, or when forgo to minimize our risks. In other words, we have better control of our own lives.
Xuan Jixuan practices a combination of Ba Zi Analysis service with Fengshui to give you an accurate reading and meaningful consultation, and to help you achieve effective and accurate results within the shorter period.