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506 January 2022
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Chinese Naming

Your Name, Your Life

A name is not merely your unique identification. A name carries with it the definition of one’s life. A “good” name could lead to wealth, fame, power and many others.
At birth, our Ba Zi is already determined and cannot be changed. However, a carefully selected name can compliments one’s Ba Zi, adjust or balance the missing elements. For example, if one’s Ba Zi is lacking “water” in his combination five elements, “water” can be incorporated into the name to restore the elements and equalize the balance of elements.
Name selection can be complicated. It takes in account Ba Zi, the meaning of the name, pronunciation, and stroke calculation.
Aside from newborns, Xuan Jixuan also helps in company name selection for all types of businesses. Like a person, a good company name provides an auspicious start and a foundation for success for the owners.