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Palmistry & Face Reading

The lines of your palm defines the destiny of your life; But the destiny of your life is within the control of your palm

Aside from Ba Zi analysis, there are several other ways to study and determines one’s destiny. These include physiognomy (features of the face), phrenology (structure of the head) and palmistry (lines of the palm).
Chinese believes lines on the hand are compared with those on the wood. If the grain is beautiful, the wood is excellent. Therefore if the lines on the hand are beautiful, the owner is well-constituted.


However, the story of your life is not confined to the lines on your palm, it also extends to the shape of the hand, fingers and finger-nails. Each individual of line has its significance. The appearance of each line or the changes of the line in terms of lengths, color provides indication to our relationships, love life, health and even wealth.
Xuan Jixuan’s service includes the combination of physiognomy, phrenology and palmistry to provide you with a detailed personal analysis.