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843 January 2023
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History of Xuan Jixuan

    Established in 1978 by Master Hor Yen Shang , Xuan Jixuan was formerly known as "Jiang Jong Yue". Xuan Jixuan was the first formally organized Geomantic Research Centre in the 1970s in Malaysia and has since become a prominent and credible reference in this country.

     Deep passion and interest in Chinese metaphysics led Master Hor to established Xuan Jixuan. His mission is to share the science of geomancy and the knowledge gathered over thousands over years with more people. Today, Xuan Jixuan's encompassing services includes:

  • Fengshui Evaluation
  • Palmistry and Face Reading
  • Ba Zi (Life Path) Analysis
  • Wedding Date Selection
  • Chinese Naming

     Xuan Jixuan is reknowned for the skills of both its masters – Master Hor Yen Shang and his daughter cum protégé, Master Jane Hor. Because of their detailed analysis, skillful evaluation and accurate predictions, both masters are highly respected in Malaysia. 


Master Hor Yen Shang's Profile

     Master Hor Yen Sheng, whoes former trade name was "Jiang Jong Yue", was the first professed master of astrology, palmistry, geomancy and chinese name selection. He helped changedthe face of fengshui and Chinese geomancy back in the 1970s, bringing the science behind the study into the forefront.

     After completing high school, Master Hor went to Hong Kong to pursue his business degree in 1957. During his stay in Hong Kong, Master Hor discovered his true interest was truely in in Chinese metaphysics. With strong determination, he changed his career direction and started pursuing knowledge in uncommon courses of palmistry, geomancy and astrology from  few famous masters in Hong Kong.

     Master Hor graduated from the Palmistry and Physiognomy College in 1978 and returned to Malaysia. He set up his centre in Sungei Wang Plaza to be more accessible to the public. His centre was the first of its kind at that time.

     Over the years, Master Hor has helped countless people from all walks of life. Master Hor has also lent his services and expertise to business entities, shopping complexes, hotels, organization, and associations including but not limited to Metrojaya Department Stores, Lion Club, Genting Highland, Plaza YowChuan. Pan Pacific Hotel, Regent Hotel, Y.W.C.A(Young Women's Christian Association), Malaya Hotel(located in Bukit Bintang), Tawaka Hospital and Chinese Maternity Association.

     Apart from that, Master Hor also has been interviewed by RTM, RediFusion, The Star, Malaysia Post, Malay Mail, China Press, Sin Chew Jit Poh, Nan Yang Jit poh among others, provide Fengshui advise and fortune telling. Master Hor has also given lecture on Chinese geomancyfor final-year Town Planning students at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

     Master Hor also published two books in 1990 and 1993 - "How Fengshui Helps You in Wealth" and "How to Predict Your Fortune". Both books are published in the Chinese language.