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Wedding Date Selection

Marriage life started from the date of Registration
. Happy family life affected by the good wedding date selection

Marriage is one of the important stages in our lifetime and has to be taken seriously. Nowadays, many modern couples prefer to do away with age-old traditional customs, including the weeding date selection.
A good date selection not only gives the newly marriage couple a good auspicious start to their new lives together, but ensures that any potential conflicts in the relationship will be softened and the relationship will endure.
Apart from that, an appropriate positioning of the bed for the newlyweds is also one important aspect that cannot be neglected. A good feng shui arrangement and the right colour coordination within the bedroom of the newlyweds ensure not only a harmonious environment, but also prosperity for all the members of the family members. Good bedroom Fengshui has been proven to help if a couple is trying to conceive.
Wedding selection is one of the many services provided by Xuan Jixuan. By combining the birth time or Ba Zi of the bride and groom, and of their respective parents, you can be rest assured that your union is bound to be an everlasting one.