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506 January 2022
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Fengshui Inspection

Feng Shui  - The Art of Creating Harmony and Balance in Your Home and Office
Since ancient times, eastern knowledge has treasured a school of learning called Geomancy, commonly known as “Fengshui”. Fengshui, translated means wind and water. While it is a typographical study, it also takes into account the direction of the wind and water flow, and how their energies will affect a location. In short, Fengshui is the study of the relationship between the gravitational forces and human beings.
Good Fengshui improves our lives – it can grant good health, wisdom, optimism, positive temperament, success in business or career, a harmonious family life and even longevity. On the contrary, bad Fengshui can spell disaster from failure in business, marriage and health to rebellious children.
Therefore, it is essential to consult a qualified Fengshui expert before making important decisions such as purchasing a home, shop, factory or office to ascertain if the location is auspicious for you and its inhabitants.
Xuan Jixuan provides detailed analysis on the position of your property, taking into consideration its surroundings; the shape of the land; roads, ventilation, sunlight and your Ba Zi. Xuan Jixuan applies a combination of “Ba Zha” and “Flying Stars” formulas to help you choose good locations or auspicious directions that will best suit to your destiny. By modifying your surroundings to create good fengshui, your life will change for the better.